I Can’t Wait to Retire

Retirement - pension delay, sticky note on notice board

“If income wasn’t a factor, how important would it be for you to keep working?” As reported in the March issue of Zoomer magazine (everythingzoomer.com), this question was asked to readers as part of their “Zoomer Census”. Perhaps surprisingly, 71% of respondents chose “I can’t wait to retire”, with the remaining 29% selecting “If I slow down, I’ll die”. I say “surprisingly” because the media has been telling us that more and more people are postponing retirement – or should do so – because “work” challenges them mentally.  Could it be that the real reason for postponement is a financial one? Let’s look at the smaller group first, those who fear slowing down. We often hear this comment from business owners or professionals. Our guess is that this group has worked hard […]

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On the Move in Retirement – Downsizing the Family Home

Downsizing, moving down, realizing assets 1

If we had to guess, we’d say that probably close to one-half of our clients have moved to a new “home” of some kind after retirement. For some it was an easy decision, a financial one. They wanted to realize some of the equity in their city home. They may have purchased their home in the city 30 years ago and watched their property value increase many times over.  Downsizing to a smaller home outside of the city, perhaps a cottage, or to a lower maintenance home like a condo, has enabled them to have extra capital available to produce extra income and improve their standard of living. For others, selling the family home in retirement is more of a lifestyle decision. Perhaps they are interested in less maintenance and […]

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