Retiring soon? Are there hidden dollars in your insurance programme?

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Over the years most Canadians have bought various types of individual life, critical illness, or disability insurance, or they’ve participated in a plan with their employer that had some or all of these benefits. Some do it out of love for their families, some to protect their income or insure a debt, others as an “investment”.  But whatever the reason, the role of insurance over the years hasn’t changed – it provides dollars on a timely basis when needed most. Die too soon, live too long, or become disabled along the way – there’s a type of insurance that solves those needs. If you’re retiring in the next year or two, now is a good time to sit down with your life insurance agent or your Certified Financial Planner® Professional […]

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Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Travel insurance

Remember the old American Express slogan, “Don’t leave home without it”? Some enterprising company that sells out-of-country travel medical insurance needs to reintroduce it. If you’ve ever travelled to the USA without travel insurance, you’ll realize the error of your ways after reading this. Over the winter my wife was a rear seat passenger in a serious 3-car collision in Arizona. Our two friends and she suffered numerous “blunt trauma” injuries from seat belts and airbags. Those same seat belts and airbags likely saved their lives, but all of them are still recovering from multiple soft tissue injuries, and in one friend’s case, surgery to repair broken neck vertebrae and a broken hand. We’ve always made sure we had out-of-country travel insurance prior to leaving Canada, but I can honestly […]

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