What I Learned from “The Intern”

Let me give you some good advice

When I go to a movie I’m usually there for the entertainment value. I don’t always need a deep message or a profound experience – I just need to get lost in the story, whether it’s a light-hearted comedy, an action-packed thriller, or a serious drama. When two hours goes by and I haven’t looked at my watch, I know it was money well spent. Take The Intern, for example. Robert De Niro plays a 70-year old widower who, bored with retirement, goes back to work as a “senior” (read: older) intern at a fast-growing online shopping company started by a young entrepreneur played by Anne Hathaway. It’s humorous and occasionally sad, but what it reinforced for me was two things: The vast expertise and experience that older workers bring […]

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Walking Upstairs with a Yo-Yo

Yo yo kid

Remember the yo-yo? That little pair of wooden discs on the end of a string. I haven’t seen one lately, but they sure were popular in Toronto in the 60s. I can even remember yo-yo “clinics” at our local shopping centre. They’d teach you how to loop the string around, “throw” it, and do tricks like Walk the Dog and Around the Corner, and if you were really good, The Elevator. “Yo-Yo” has become both a popular verb and adjective over the years. Like, she yo-yos back and forth, meaning she can’t make a decision. Or, when stock markets have been “yo-yoing”, they’re fluctuating widely. Lately, we’ve been hearing money managers use the phrase “we’re in a windshield wiper market”. This to point out that the S&P/TSX Composite stock market […]

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